Amazon OpenSearch Service

Migrate to Amazon OpenSearch Service. Search, Visualize, and Analyze your data at multi-petabyte with price performance.

Benefits of migrating to Amazon OpenSearch Service

Price Performance

44% better price performance with Graviton 2 processors. Up to 90% cost reduction with UltraWarm nodes and cold storage.

Scale with Reduced Operational Cost

Scale up to 200 nodes and 3 petabytes with a managed service. Autotune, backups, upgrades, patching, failed node replacement, and more.


In compliance with HIPPA, FedRamp, PCI, SOC, and many more. Encryption, access control, 24/7 monitoring, data replication across 2 Availability Zones, cross cluster and region replication.

Seamless EKS integration

Send your logs to Amazon OpenSearch Service with our ready made integrations for EKS.


Migrate your Self-Managed Elasticsearch to Amazon OpenSearch Service

Choose your migration strategy: blue/green, snapshot recovery, or upgrade.

Migrate your existing Log and Search solutions

Amazon OpenSearch Service is feature-rich enabling you to migrate other log analytics and search solutions.

Gather Logs from Kubernetes environments

Choose how you will collect and visualize logs from Kubernetes and EKS.

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Ivan Sakin

Growth & Partnership Manager

So they say...

Now you have our side of the story, but what do our clients think?

Labyrinth Labs helped us transform and improve our cloud infrastructure with IaC principles in mind and created world-class custom monitoring for our infrastructure.

Labyrinth Labs expertise has helped us build and operate on-premise cloud infrastructure for running our broadcast/media workloads, proving to be very capable when solving production issues.

We decided to build an efficient and scalable cloud-based onboarding service and approached Labyrinth Labs for cooperation. The experience of the joint team work was great, Labyrinth Labs provided cutting-edge expertise and helped to deliver the highest quality cloud solution.

The experience they collected while building their reference architectures and IaC pattern library helped us accelerate the cloud strategy implementation in two major environments - Kubernetes and Serverless - so we could rather focus on application specific topics.

Early stage startups think twice about efficient usage of internal IT resources, that’s why for our cloud infrastructure needs we have reached out to an experienced cloud partner. We are very pleased with the ongoing collaboration and can recommend to every startup.


Marian Holler

VP of Product at Pygmalios


Jakub Adamczyk

Head of ITE at CRA


Daniel Scheber

Managing Partner at Softec Group


Marcel Bezák

Chief Enterprise Architect at


Dr. Andreas Hauri

Co-Founder and CTO at Unique AG

What the hack is LARA?

LARA is designed to help companies build an infrastructure for hosting their services quickly & reliably, according to AWS best practices and based on open source

LARA building blocks

All of the componentes mentioned below are defined using Infrastructure as Code, allowing for further customization and reusability in different environments.

lara overview (.pdf)

AWS Organization and access management

Centrally govern your all environments, manage access rights, permissions and policies.

VPC and related services

Network foundation, app and edge networking, hybrid connectivity and security.


Operate kubernetes on your own infrastructure, experience ultimate scaling and cost savings.


Grafana, Loki, Thanos, Tempo, Opensearch, Elastic. You name it, we have it.

Databases & Storage

Choose from plenty of purpose-built database engines to achieve the best efficiency.

Messaging & Streaming

Managed services for messaging and streaming for modern application architecture.

Security & Compliance

Workload isolation, access policies, data governance, security scans.

Advanced Networking

Enable service mesh, connect 3rd parties or on-prem sites and allow world-wide content delivery.

Continuous Deployment

Provide your team with GitOps based workflows supporting advanced deployment methods.

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