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“I consider LabLabs a crucial partner in our success as a company. Thank you!”

Oliver Nicholas

VP of Engineering at Nana Technologies, Inc

Any industry,
any cloud

No matter what your business or company size is, we make sure you use a tailor-made and cost-efficient cloud environment that is secure, scalable, easy to operate and built-to-last.

Migrate my existing solution to the cloud

As an experienced cloud partner, we prepare the target infrastructure, make the cloud adoption process smooth, less risky and help you make your services cloud-ready before you hop on.

Optimize my current cloud infrastructure

Many cloud users face technical or economical challenges. We help you reduce excessive costs, unexpected downtimes, scaling problems or bumpy process when releasing new features.

Kickstart my new cloud project

In early stages you work with limited resources to make the MVP fly. Focus on your core business and our experienced crew will manage the cloud super-efficiently, as it plays a big part in your success.

Introducing LARA. Our unique Cloud Reference Architecture.

An unmatched set
of building blocks

Ready made, battle tested and proven building blocks for rapid set up of well architected infrastructure.

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Easily expandable according to your growing needs
Based on best practices to ensure long-lasting value
Only takes days instead of months of custom work
Cheaper to build and cost-efficient to operate
Get the full codebase don’t be locked in or dependent on us
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Get an optimal cloud infrastructure. Fast.

80% of your requirements are covered by LARA, the remaining 20% are customized & developed based on your specific needs.

Get Cloud Ready

We deep-dive into your services to assess their cloud readiness. Our cloud experts are developers by heart, so understanding app architecture is their bread & butter.

Use Kubernetes

K8s is an industry standard and our preferred way to go. You can save 60% of costs using spot instances, get many smoothly integrated add-ons and leave the entire complexity on our shoulders.

Monitor everything

Our stack ensures a true global view of application health with the ability to drill down into the last detail. Grafana, Thanos, Loki, ElasticSearch, Tempo.. you name it, we have it.


We set-up tailored CI/CD automation for you to roll out changes quickly, eliminate downtime and minimize the number of unnecessary errors, using advanced deployment strategies such as canary or blue-green.

Stay Safe & Secure

Encryption, automatic vulnerability scans and proper access policies. We make sure everything is as secure by design as possible and with a little overhead.

Be Future Ready

Well architected design, full codebase of all reusable building blocks will allow you to operate and grow the cloud infrastructure efficiently now, and in the future..

So they say...

Now you have our side of the story, but
what do our clients think?

Labyrinth Labs expertise in cutting edge technologies helped us take our innovations and progress to another level.
Labyrinth Labs helped us transform and improve our cloud infrastructure with IaC principles in mind and created world-class custom monitoring for our infrastructure.
Labyrinth Labs expertise has helped us build and operate on-premise cloud infrastructure for running our broadcast/media workloads, proving to be very capable when solving production issues.
We decided to build an efficient and scalable cloud-based onboarding service and approached Labyrinth Labs for cooperation. The experience of the joint team work was great, Labyrinth... 
Labs provided cutting-edge expertise and helped to deliver the highest quality cloud solution.
The experience they collected while building their reference architectures and IaC pattern library helped us accelerate the cloud strategy implementation in two major environments - Kubernetes and... 
Serverless - so we could rather focus on application specific topics.
Early stage startups think twice about efficient usage of internal IT resources, that’s why for our cloud infrastructure needs we have reached out to an experienced cloud... 
partner. We are very pleased with the ongoing collaboration and can recommend lablabs.io to every startup.
One thing I learnt in this past decade is that having good people makes doing business a lot easier. Thanks Labyrinth Labs!
Labyrint Labs provides professional services with a client oriented approach.Why: professionality, communication skills, delivery reliability.
Labyrinth Labs were extremely helpful with our project to transition to Infrastructure-as-a-code. This transition added extra resilience to our product and significantly improved scalability. Their professionalism and... 
expertise are highly regarded.
I’d definitely recommend them because they have strong knowledge in the infrastructure field, including AWS. Their team members are very responsive and able to help us when... 
we need it.
I consider LabLabs a crucial partner in our success as a company. Thank you!
We needed to manage cloud infrastructure more professionally and improve our software delivery pipeline. LabLabs was a great choice and we are impressed by their expertise, quality... 
of service and superb collaboration.
Not only did our developers benefit from automated builds, it also saved us a lot of precious time. Lablabs engineers know a lot about the cloud and... 
how to make developers more productive.
Labyrinth Labs created our first Kubernetes POC. We really value their professional approach to the challenges we faced in our company.
The service they provided during our migration to Kubernetes was very professional with a high-quality output. It was great having them as a fully integrated part of... 
our team.

Branislav Bernat

Tech Manager at Pixel Federation


Marian Holler

VP of Product at Pygmalios


Jakub Adamczyk

Head of ITE at CRA


Daniel Scheber

Managing Partner at Softec Group


Marcel Bezák

Chief Enterprise Architect at 365.bank


Dr. Andreas Hauri

Co-Founder and CTO at Unique AG


Esteban Ribičić

Founder & Project Leader at eramba


Marian Zeman

Technology Architect at 365.bank


Petr Nemeth

CEO at Dataddo, Inc.


Tomáš Sedláček

CTO at Dataddo, Inc.


Oliver Nicholas

VP of Engineering at Nana Technologies, Inc


Peter Drobec

Director of Engineering at VESTBERRY


Lukáš Poláček

CTO at Wincent Technologies s.r.o.


Marian Schmotzer

Cloud Infrastructure Architect at Coresystems FSM AG


Anton Foth

CTO at Coya

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Satisfied clients all around the world. What else could we wish for?


Satisfied clients all around the world.
What else you could wish for..

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