Year 2022 @ Labyrinth Labs

author Adam Hamšík
CEO & Co-Founder

As we wrap up the year, we are pleased to report that Labyrinth Labs has experienced significant growth both externally and internally.

As we wrap up the year, we are pleased to report that Labyrinth Labs has experienced significant growth both externally and internally.

External Growth:

 Our relationship with AWS has reached a few significant milestones. Firstly, we are proud to have reached the AWS advanced partner level and become eligible for the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP). We also became a member of the AWS Solution Provider Program just two days before the end of the year. Additionally, we on-boarded 10 new clients, most of whom joined our LARA platform, and we started three new MAP migrations and completed two Jumpstart projects. 

2022 was especially busy when it comes to events. Labyrinth Labs went out into the world, at least CEE (for now) and represented our tech excellence. From speaking at conferences like Kubernetes Community Days CZ & SK for DevOps enthusiasts, Night of Chances in Brno with students and potential bright minds of the DevOps community to AWS Pop Up in Warsaw strengthening our identity within the AWS community. Apart from these larger ones we also took part at regular Kubernetes meetups in Bratislava, presented at the first Prague DevOps Meetup since the pandemic and had a debate at a newly formed community of tech leaders Techfellows. To further extend our horizons in cloud computing, startups and SaaS, we traveled to events in London, Israel and Sweden.

Internal Growth: 

We welcomed eight new colleagues to the team, five of whom joined the technical team and three extended our non-tech teams in marketing and people departments. We also added several features and add-ons to our LARA platform and achieved a yearly revenue of $1 million for the first time!

Our marketing has also reached another level, as we’ve been working on a rebrand and creating a new website with high-quality content.


While 2022 has been a successful year in terms of growth and expansion, it has not been without challenges. Some of the challenges we faced included hiring in a competitive market, delivering a new website with great content, maintaining a strong engineering culture in a fully remote team, and ensuring work-life balance for our team members.

For me personally, it was a very interesting, but also difficult year. Managing a family with 2 small kids, learning how to be a leader and CEO of a growing company with war behind our borders. My plan for 2023 is to continue the transition to a full-time CEO role with more time to focus on product development. 

We are grateful for the opportunities and challenges that this past year has brought, and we are committed to building on our success in the coming year. Thank you for your trust and partnership.


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