The Future is Cloud Native: Labyrinth Labs at KCD Czech & Slovak

author Laura Emrichová
Marketing Manager

Seizing the opportunity at KCD to present what we do on a daily basis, with recordings of the presentations.

KCD Czech & Slovak 2023, short for Kubernetes Community Days, is a conference dedicated to promoting Cloud Native ideas, projects, and software. It serves as a platform for individuals passionate about modern IT technologies to come together, exchange knowledge, and explore the latest trends in the industry. This year we had the opportunity to represent what we do in Labyrinth Labs on a daily basis and we wanted to share the recordings with you! Here it goes👇🏻

Dynamic Tenant Provisioning: Building a Scalable SaaS

Martin Odstrčilík addressed the challenges and rewards of dynamic tenant provisioning for building a scalable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. Exploring the journey of migrating from on-premises to the cloud, with a focus on a customer managing tens of thousands of tenants. Gain insights into the key issues encountered during this transition, such as DNS hosting, secrets storage, and ingress data path.

Discover how we utilized innovative CNCF tooling, including Argo Workflows and Traefik, to address these challenges effectively. Learn the strategies and techniques employed to build a highly scalable SaaS platform that caters to the dynamic needs of tenants.

Exploring the Benefits of OpenTelemetry for Modern Cloud Applications

In our second presentation Martin Hauskrecht delved into the realm of observability and its remarkable impact on modern cloud applications. Shedding light on the significance of OpenTelemetry, an open-source framework designed to empower you with comprehensive observability capabilities.

Discover how OpenTelemetry allows you to collect, process, and export telemetry data from your applications, enabling you to gain valuable insights into their behavior. Learn the principles of designing optimal and resilient observability platforms and unlock the true potential of your cloud applications through the power of observability.

Discovering Atlantis: IaC Automation Workflow

Jakub Stehlík takes us on a journey to explore the realm of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) automation workflows. With a focus on Terraform as the standard tool, he dives into the challenges that arise in collaborative environments with multiple stakeholders. Learn about the potential pitfalls and how to overcome them through lessons learned from automating the IaC development lifecycle.

He also discussed the importance of a robust CI/CD workflow for Terraform and introduced powerful automation tools such as Atlantis, Git, and others. Get ready to uncover the secrets of smooth, headache-free IaC development!

Until next year!

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