Step into the Cloud-Native Era at KCD CZ/SK 2024

author Laura Emrichová
Marketing Manager

Join us for two-day conference dedicated to Kubernetes and Cloud-Native solutions. Learn, network and explore the future of cloud technology!

The Kubernetes community is growing each year and we’re looking forward to another edition of KCD CZ/SK 2024, this year in Prague at ČVUT on 6th & 7th of June.

This two-day event offers an intensive exploration of Kubernetes through presentations, workshops, and numerous networking opportunities. Whether you’re an experienced Kubernetes user or a beginner keen to learn, there will be content to suit everyone.

Last year Labyrinth Labs contributed with 3 presentations (you can check them out here), but this year we decided to go all in and become the platinum sponsor. That means you can stop by at our booth to chat and get some of our cool merchandise.

You can also look forward to two presentations by our colleagues:

[06.06.2024 / 10:20 (35min) ROOM 105]

Matej Líner: Save Money While Sleeping – Kubernetes Scheduled Shutdown

In the evolving landscape of cloud computing, cost optimization remains a paramount challenge for organizations worldwide. In my presentation I will talk about the ways of addressing this challenge by exploring the concept of time-based workload scaling within Kubernetes environments. I will go deeper into the practical use cases and strategies for reducing Kubernetes workload costs by leveraging tools like KubeGreen and others. By the end of the presentation attendees will leave with the knowledge to implement these cost-saving measures in their own Kubernetes environments.

[07.06.2024 / 11:35 (35min) ROOM 155]

Jakub Stehlík: Architecting a future-ready cloud-native platform

Future-ready cloud-native platform – sounds like a bunch of buzzwords, doesn’t it? Join this session, and see us give meaning to this phrase by showcasing cloud-native concepts, mindsets and tools you can combine into a platform able to adapt to both the dynamic needs of its users and today’s/tomorrow’s ever-changing technological landscape.

On top of that we’re also preparing a great workshop for those who want to “get their hands dirty.”

[07.06.2024 / 13:10 (120min) ROOM 1 – 113]

Karpenter: New Way of Kubernetes Autoscaling in EKS

Martin Hauskrecht & Martin Odstrčilík will start by giving a brief introduction to the project followed by a comparison with cluster-autoscaler, explaining the benefits of Karpenter. We will also guide you through the migration process from cluster-autoscaler to Karpenter and discuss the possibilities of their co-existence. Last but not least, we will demonstrate the cost and performance benefits of Karpenter using real-life examples.

Besides that you can look forward to all the other presentations that you’ll find here, lots of opportunities to network and last but not least, a raffle with great prizes like the 3D Printer Prusa MK4, Cloud-Native / Kubernetes books and swag from the partners. Looking forward to see you there!

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