On becoming an AWS Advanced Partner

author Ivan Sakin
Growth & Partnership Manager

Proud to announce that months of continuous effort have paid off and Labyrinth Labs is now an AWS Advanced Partner!

Labyrinth Labs perceives AWS as a strategic partner, as most of our customers use their public cloud services. Since our team is hungry for knowledge and company growth, we’ve decided to upgrade our partnership status to another level. One of the biggest benefits is the ability to cooperate with AWS on new leads and help even more AWS customers with our services worldwide.

Adam Hamšík, CEO: 

“Becoming an AWS Advanced partner has been our goal for some time. It was quite a challenge to fulfill all the requirements, and in the end it was a great team effort to achieve this goal. Becoming “advanced” takes our relationship with AWS to another level. This tighter cooperation with AWS enables us to improve the service that we’re providing, making the experience for our customers even better than before. Which, in the end, is our main goal and focus.”

Among different requirements, we needed a minimum of 20 official customer satisfaction reviews and several AWS certifications for our tech and non-tech team members. Getting reviews from our customers was quite easy as we are very customer oriented and focus on our tech excellence. Our CTO and Head of Engineering focused on our certification requirements, making sure our DevOps guys have enough time to learn, go through the tests and receive certifications, along with working on their projects.

Martin Hauskrecht, Head of Engineering: 

“We’re in contact with our friends at AWS quite frequently. We’re all about providing our customers with the best services. Designing stable, scalable and extendable infrastructures is something that is our common goal, that’s why the cooperation with AWS benefits all involved parties. The folks at AWS are always there to help us and the customer, finding the best solution and financing.”

Ivan Sakin, Growth & Partnership Manager: 

“We celebrated our Advanced Partnership status as a team achievement and we are proud of our colleagues for their individual AWS certifications. Now, we look forward to other challenges ahead of us. We also want to thank our partners from AWS for their support and continuous help.”

From our visit at AWS Tel Aviv Summit with our AWS Partner Development Manager Can Osman Yildirim.

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