[Interview]: The Journey of SaaSification in Digital Onboarding

author Laura Emrichová
Marketing Manager

Through a strategic collaboration, Innovatrics enhances its SaaS offerings, overcoming technical challenges to streamline digital onboarding.


Like numerous software companies, Innovatrics DOT [Digital Onboarding Toolkit] team reached a point in their business journey where they decided to do a SaaS offering of their product. It was based on requirements from their small and medium clients and represented the next logical business expansion step.

As we’ve finalized the SaaSification stage of the DOT solution, we took this opportunity to sit down with Lydia Hanusková [Technical Director] and Daniel Ferak [Business Unit Director], key members of the DOT team, to reflect on their cloud journey. Together, we looked at the challenges Innovatrics faced, spanning business complexities, technical obstacles, and the uncharted territory of SaaS operations. 

What were the biggest hurdles you faced while preparing the DOT SaaS solution?

L: “We had our fair share of challenges. Firstly, we stumbled upon a technology that was a bit harder to master, but we knew it held great potential. Plus, we were short-staffed for the implementation phase.

On the business front, deploying DOT as a set of components proved to be quite a roadblock for our customers. We tried to tackle it by creating demo apps, but unfortunately, some folks misunderstood it as a full-scale cloud solution.

That left them disappointed, and we realized we needed a solid infrastructure for a true SaaS offering. Our existing infrastructure wasn’t good and we knew we needed some help.”

So, why did you choose Labyrinth Labs as your cloud partner?

L: “We did our homework, had some internal discussions, and had a technical meeting where we found that Labyrinth Labs matched our requirements perfectly. On top of that, we received great recommendations for their work from our existing partner and a few other Labyrinth Labs’ existing customers.

We gave their services a shot, and we were impressed. They showed us their expertise in building the whole infrastructure we needed.”

What were your expectations from this collaboration?

D: “Well, we were dreaming of a standardized high quality solution. We wanted it to be well-documented, based on proven practices, and something we could deliver faster than if we had gone solo. Speed was of the essence for us.”

And did we live up to your expectations?

L: “Absolutely! We’re really happy with our collaboration. Okay, sure, we had a few initial bumps with the form of documentation, but we got on the same track really quick. When it came to the infrastructure handover and overall delivery, everything went smoothly. Also, we appreciate their ongoing support and fast response to our questions.”

What are some future endeavors with Labyrinth Labs?

D: “Now, the real excitement is coming as we’re unleashing our SaaS solution to our first customers. We already have a big client from Brazil with huge peaks in their workloads, and so far everything works great. As our trusted cloud partner, Labyrinth Labs give us the confidence and security we need to forge ahead. 

L: We initially started by migrating one back-end service to the cloud, but now our aim is to further embrace the cloud by adding more services. This will attract a new stream of customers who can utilize the cloud-based infrastructure. What makes our collaboration even more significant is that it is not a one-time thing.”

Where did Labyrinth Labs bring you the most value overall?

D: “With their speed and tech expertise. They understood our vision and delivered a scalable infrastructure that met our exact needs, ensuring our SaaS solution would stand tall and perform flawlessly. “

To conclude, our partnership has yielded positive outcomes, enabling them to offer their SaaS solution to a wider customer base and providing a scalable infrastructure that meets their exact needs. We’re motivated & excited to help them on their future cloud endeavors.

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