AWS Cloud Day 2023 in Prague Highlights

author Laura Emrichová
Marketing Manager

As a Gold partner at AWS Cloud Day 2023 in Prague, Labyrinth Labs successfully positioned itself as a key player in the cloud industry.

A few weeks have passed and we’re still thinking fondly about the AWS Cloud Day in Prague, so we thought we’d put it down in writing. This event was truly important in more than just one way. 

First of all, it was the largest AWS event of this sort organized in Prague to date, and the attendance exceeded everyone’s expectations, with the overall organization of the event being great [Kudos AWS, job well done!]. Secondly, with being a Gold partner, it was the first event of this multitude for us in Labyrinth Labs. So, without further ado let’s get into it.

The Booth: 

Choosing the right catchphrase is key. You want to stand out from the crowd, but at the same time it’s important it aligns with your overall strategy. That’s why our booth said “Your business is unique, your cloud needs are not.” This catchphrase reflects on our belief that although each business has its own distinctive characteristics and challenges, the fundamental requirements for cloud services are quite similar among all of them. 

  • Handling large volume of requests, while keeping costs minimal
  • Keeping short release cycle, while developing a lot of features
  • Keeping staff at minimum, while adding new services & solutions (Data analytics, Ai/ML)

Our goal as a company is to give our clients the opportunity to move forward and accelerate their business. As a company focused on delivering cloud-solutions, we embrace platform engineering principles and deliver a cloud platform that we call LARA for our customers.

The primary goals of LARA are to lower delivery times, operational burden and provide you with a solid foundation to build on top of. 


As the Gold sponsor AWS Cloud Day 2023 in Prague we had the opportunity to shine on multiple stages. First, our Head of Engineering Martin Hauskrecht along with AWS Senior Partner Solutions Architect Radu Dobrinescu about Karpenter: Efficient Scaling of Kubernetes Clusters. The presentation focused on various scaling methods for stateless containers in cloud environments, highlighting the cutting-edge Karpenter: a game-changing, groupless cluster autoscaler that revolutionizes workload efficiency and cost-effectiveness in cloud clusters. 

Then our CEO Adam Hamšík showcased one of our success stories with, a big enterprise project in a highly regulated banking field with no prior cloud platform or cloud team. Presenting how our partnership enabled their development teams to spawn services within defined boundaries, enabling fast delivery while keeping high security standards, utilizing Kubernetes & serverless ecosystems.


With the great diversity of the visitors, we had the chance to speak to anyone from DevOps engineers, co-founders of interesting startups, representatives of larger enterprises or cloud communities, and AWS experts. Let’s just say there was never a dull moment we’d be bored or had no one to talk to. 

Being the largest AWS event in Prague to date, it highlighted the growing interest and importance of cloud technology in the CEE region with the high attendance really showing the growing relevance of cloud services in various industries.


Overall, these kinds of events are vital for staying up to date with the latest developments in cloud technology and for sharing knowledge and experiences. They serve as a platform for learning about new tools, technologies, and best practices in the industry.

As a Gold partner at AWS Cloud Day 2023 in Prague and a first-timer at such a large-scale event, Labyrinth Labs successfully positioned itself as a key player in the cloud services industry, as this event provided an excellent platform for showcasing our tech excellence and cloud services. Lessons learned till next time? Bring more merch! We’re happy we could be a part of AWS Cloud Day in Prague, boosting our brand visibility and making great new connections. Looking forward to the next big event!

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