Amazon Rational Database Service

Running relational databases in the cloud couldn’t be any easier with RDS! Not only does it support a bunch of different database engines, it also takes care of backups and monitoring. Making it the most convenient way to manage your database without worrying about too many tech details.


Low Administrative Burden

Less effort to patch and monitor your database, saving your time on administrative issues while running it


Storage suitable for a broad range of database workloads


Scale and compute memory resources within a few minutes

Availability & Durability

Automated backups and database snapshots allowing you to configure backup retention up to 35 days


No upfront commitment, only paying for your current monthly database usage

Developer Productivity

Building performance extensions quickly and safely without needing AWS to certify your code


Easy Setup

Effortless and quick setup of a new database instance

Managed Service

Underlying software is patched and monitored by AWS


Easily adjust and scale based on your current needs

High Availability

Built-in failover and standby replica ensures database availability


Features like encryption in rest and transit protect your data


Supporting multiple database engines to choose ones that fit the best


RDS allows us to create scalable and highly available databases for all sorts of customers and use cases. Thanks to RDS, we’re able to handle and store a large amount of data for our customers in gaming, fintech or ecommerce industry.

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Ivan Sakin

Growth & Partnership Manager

What the hack is LARA?

LARA is designed to help companies build an infrastructure for hosting their services quickly & reliably, according to AWS best practices and based on open source

LARA building blocks

All of the componentes mentioned below are defined using Infrastructure as Code, allowing for further customization and reusability in different environments.

lara overview (.pdf)

AWS Organization and access management

Centrally govern your all environments, manage access rights, permissions and policies.

VPC and related services

Network foundation, app and edge networking, hybrid connectivity and security.


Operate kubernetes on your own infrastructure, experience ultimate scaling and cost savings.


Grafana, Loki, Thanos, Tempo, Opensearch, Elastic. You name it, we have it.

Databases & Storage

Choose from plenty of purpose-built database engines to achieve the best efficiency.

Messaging & Streaming

Managed services for messaging and streaming for modern application architecture.

Security & Compliance

Workload isolation, access policies, data governance, security scans.

Advanced Networking

Enable service mesh, connect 3rd parties or on-prem sites and allow world-wide content delivery.

Continuous Deployment

Provide your team with GitOps based workflows supporting advanced deployment methods.

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