DevOps Lead Engineer

We are looking for a DevOps Lead Engineer to build up on our expertise. We are hard to please and want someone skilled enough to keep track with our velocity in implementing the latest technologies and development approaches.


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What will you do

●  Design and build scalable infrastructures for applications on AWS/Azure/GCP from start to finish. First things first – you will identify business needs and then take the project to its launch across a diverse range of customers.

●  Participate in the development of our reference architecture so we avoid doing the same task 700 times again and again. Time is money & vice versa.

●  Work with Cloud Native tools such as Terraform, Kubernetes, modern CI/CD stacks, and more. No legacy technologies & we don’t compromise.

●  Develop, test, and deploy Infrastructure as code (IaC) that will automate the configuration and management of our cloud environment. Head in the clouds, feet on the ground.

●  Create software deployment strategies.

●  Analyze the current technology stack and processes in use and recommend improvements based on current trends to keep the company on track with the most cutting-edge technologies.

●  Create infrastructure & automation tools, and maintain configuration management to make (not only) the client’s life easier.

●  You will be accountable for training sessions for Junior Engineers, project overseeing & technical excellence held on all the company projects. Freestyle is cool, but we all need to be on the same page. You will be the inspiration & everyone will want to be like you.

●  Contribute to the OSS projects to bring balance to the universe. You get what you give.

What we expect from you:

Truth to be told – we want a geek who has:

●  5+ years of experience in Architect, SRE, DevOps, or similar engineering positions

●  Extensive experience with cloud providers and their services (at least one of AWS, GCP, Azure)

●  Extensive experience with architecting and automating cloud-native technologies, deploying applications, and provisioning IaC, IaaS, or SaaS

●  Hands-on experience architecting cloud native CI/CD workflows and tools

●  Strong programming knowledge

●  Experience with micro-services and distributed application architecture

●  Experience with Kubernetes/Openshift/EKS/GKE/AKS and running container orchestration systems

●  Experience with Terraform and other IaC tools

●  Proven leadership skills – able to take ownership of tasks, inspire others, guide them wisely, give them space to grow, and have an impact on the company-wide results

●  Strong problem-solving skills

●  Self-driven and can-do attitude able to inspire others

●  Strong communication skills to execute ideas, plans & feedback

●  Ability to maintain and grow good relationships inside the company just like outside on client’s site, social media, or offline events

●  Ability to context-switch between multiple projects, codebases, and concepts with ease

●  Fluent in English & Czech or Slovak language skills

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