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Cloud Kickstart of an Online Identity Verification SaaS

Helping Softec build a brand new SaaS solution focused on identity verification during digital onboarding processes.

Tech Stack

  • AWS EKS, Aurora, WAF, Cloudtrail
  • Terraform, Helm
  • CodeBuild, CodeDeploy

The Client

Softec s.r.o provides IT services and consultations for complex integrated information systems and is one of the largest software houses in Slovakia. The company has 400 employees and has been on the market for more than 30 years.


The product developed by Softec provides his clients with a system for secure identifications using biometrics. It goes without saying that not only the software components, but also the infrastructure must meet high security standards. Besides the security requirements, the platform also needs to be scalable, highly available, easily maintainable, cost effective and able to quickly adapt to changes and innovations.


Final solution that is future proof and ready to scale with the growth of the client base.


As a technology partner helping many customers to solve different types of technical problems, Labyrinth Labs is well aware of the benefits of cloud computing. When the architecture for the new SaaS product was clarified between Labyrinth Labs and Softec engineers, Softec managers knew that is the way to go. 

Our Process

How we started [ enablement ]

Along with AWS managed services we helped Softec relieve operational burden and enabled Softec to primarily focus on developing core functionality and growing their business. While the low-level infrastructure is managed and operated by Amazon, the application infrastructure, application components and production delivery pipeline was designed and built by Labyrinth Labs and Softec.

Process [ AWS services ]

The strict compliance and production workload isolation requirements were met by using multiple AWS Accounts with the right access policy set. Architecture leveraged multiple AWS services such as Cloudtrail, WAF, Guarduty, Inspector, KMS, ACM, Secrets Manager to secure data, inbound/outbound communication.

Finish [ deployment ]

To meet scalability and availability requirements everything within deployed architecture was built in distributed, horizontally scalable fashion. Core application was deployed on a Kubernetes cluster in multiple availability zones and was properly broken down into components with no single point of failure and with respect to modern microservices best practices.


Building a secure environment for a SaaS product.


Proper architecture, modern cloud approaches and Labyrinth labs operational excellence helped Softec to deliver the new SaaS product to the market quickly yet without compromising security, availability or stability of the offered service. Final solution is future proof and ready to scale with the growth of the client base.

Daniel Scheber

Managing Partner at Softec Group

We decided to build an efficient and scalable cloud-based onboarding service and approached Labyrinth Labs for cooperation. The experience of the joint team work was great, Labyrinth Labs provided cutting-edge expertise and helped to deliver the highest quality cloud solution.

Future steps [ life-long support ]

Labyrinth Labs provides long-term support for the newly built infrastructure, including regular upgrades and maintenance of the platform, as well as continuous improvements of the setup.

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